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It’s not okay,
You tell me it’s not okay,
To dress with knee high boots,
And little as the bottom,
Of the overly revealing top,
I was only going to a friend’s.

So tell me,
dear dear Father,
How is it not okay for your daughter,
to live as she pleases,
But it’s okay for you,
To touch the girls her age,
at the local corner bar,
Where you come after a day of cheap beer.

Why is it okay,
To come home drunk,
And fill the house with the echoes,
Of the hand that hits our faces,
And it’s not abuse, no, it never was!
You were simply ‘putting us to shape’
Just like all those women,
Who gave birth in wedlock,
For the desires of sick greedy men,
That we surround ourselves with.

And it is not okay for your daughter,
To kiss a girl,
But is is okay for you,
to sleep with two women,
An inkling of pride, really,
She was merely bait!

And I will tell you,
that it is okay for me,
To do whatever the fuck I want,
and I am honest,
and not foul,
I am truthful,
Unlike filth,
Unlike you.

—   Drew Moore’s, Father Dear